5 Most Popular Pieces of Content for August

Every month, we're going to share a roundup of the five most popular pieces of content that we've shared. We hope you find these fun, interesting, and/or useful too!

1. 24 Hours in Asheville, NC

Created by Dig Local Asheville, an app that helps you stay on top of daily specials, events, fun things to do, and other deals, this video shares this video in order to answer the question: "What can you pack into a single day in Asheville, NC? A lot! Whether you already dig Asheville, or you’re thinking about visiting, check out all the things that make this mountain town like no other place on the planet."

2. A peaceful morning has broken at Sheets Gap (MP 252.8). Nothing like starting the day off with a view like this!

Every time we get to drive or hike along the Blue Ridge Parkway, we pinch ourselves because this mountain range and America's Favorite Drive is truly a magical route that we try to enjoy as much as possible!

3. Western North Carolina has a rich railroad history. Black Mountain celebrates its ties to the railroad and its significance in our community's history each and every day.

Watch the video shared by Visit Black Mountain here.

4. 22 Sellers Lane Black Mountain NC

And the listing that got the most attention this month is this beauty!


5. Those Monday Blues...

Last but not least, we also make sure to share some things to just plain ol' make our followers laugh sometimes, and folks certainly enjoyed this Monday blues post!

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